icono-artica Study plus technical and technological definition of projects

icono-artica1 Objective:

To identify and evaluate the different solutions for a new project, with the aim of choosing the one that best meets the developer’s goals and requirements, in other words, the most effective and efficient option.

Analysis, evaluation and implementation of improvements to existing plants, processes and facilities in order to generate new products and services and/or to reduce production costs, and ultimately to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

estudio y definicion de proyectos de ingeniería

icono-artica2 Services:

  • Technical and technological definition of new projects: technology in processes and facilities, site layout, budget estimates, investment planning, etc. The different solutions available are analysed and compared to provide clients with a reliable basis on which to make a decision.
  • Re-engineering and expansion of industrial plants: analysis and evaluation of existing processes with various aims, such as increasing production capacity, new products or services, and also improving efficiency in methods and technology.
  • Study and implementation of improvements to process costs: this involves analysing existing processes to optimise their costs, both by improving working methods and procedures and by introducing technological improvements on a selective and justified basis.
  • Study and implementation of energy efficiency measures: analysis and evaluation of energy systems with the aim of reducing the company’s energy bill, by proposing and implementing systems, methods and technology on a selective basis.