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With a view to increasing our companies’ competitiveness, at artica+i we offer a set of actions which allow our clients to optimise their Internal Innovation Management System, thereby driving their Innovation (R&D&I) Processes and improving their position and competitiveness. By providing this necessary innovation management, artica+i aims to:

icono-artica1 Promote the development of R&D&I activities as part of a culture that drives business innovation for our clients.

icono-artica2 Provide our clients with guidelines for effectively planning, organising, documenting and monitoring the organisational structures involved in innovation and related processes, as well as associated R&D&I activities, with a particular focus on promoting the following internal tasks:

  • Continuous analysis of existing scientific knowledge and emerging, available technology and its development.
  • Definition of a corporate R&D&I strategy, to be effective for a predetermined time.
  • Selection, definition, design and management of the project portfolio which will form part of multiannual innovation plans.

icono-artica3 Facilitating market recognition of innovative business organisations through the optimal reporting of the innovations they develop within the framework of these innovation plans.

The services offered by artica+i in the field of R&D&I management are multidisciplinary and can be grouped into the following areas, described below in greater detail.

“For our clients we manage tax incentives and direct public subsidies from all R&D&I-related programmes in Europe, Spain and the autonomous communities”

“We have extensive experience in managing large, national and international consortium R&D&I projects, and in managing Technological Platforms”.

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