icono-artica Method

At artica+i, we assist our clients throughout the entire process, from when the idea is formed until the moment it takes shape as a project, culminating in a product or service being brought to market. In doing so we provide added-value solutions and help companies to be more competitive.

Our method is based on three concepts: Ideas, engineering and innovation. It involves artica+i’s two business units, engineering and R&D&I management, which complement and interact with each other, forming what we call the Innovation Chain and helping to bring the idea to market on a step-by-step basis.

This method differentiates between two types of business project, depending on the starting point:

icono-artica1 When the required technology is available and accessible: the artica+i service begins directly in the field of Engineering.

icono-artica2 When the technology needs to be created or substantially improved: artica+i’s assistance begins in the field of R&D&I, facilitating the development of the technology which will ultimately enable the idea to be brought to market by means of an engineering project.

The artica+i Innovation Chain

Here at artica+i we provide our clients with assistance and support throughout the whole Innovation Chain, where action can be taken in any of its phases or links, although we recommend beginning with the “R&D&I Diagnosis” to optimise R&D&I Management, or with the “Technological Definition of Projects”, when it comes to beginning engineering work.

This model is valid for both simple projects, which only require application of the best existing technological solution, and for complex projects based on an idea that requires technological development and even precompetitive research.