icono-artica Innovation Management System Optimisation

icono-artica1 Objective:

To design a specific Innovation Management System for each organization to minimise risks and optimise technical, economic, financial and fiscal results, having a direct impact on the company’s income statement, and to help our clients plan, document and optimise their innovative activity.

optimizacion de recursos en el sector agroalimentario

icono-artica2 Services:

  • Performance of business Innovation Management System audits and preparation of Innovation Diagnoses.
  • Strategic consultancy to create an optimum organisational structure for managing and carrying out innovative business activity.
  • Designing and documenting internal work and management procedures in line with each client’s needs. These may be externally certified and are based on the set of UNE 166.000 standards.
  • Design and implementation, of multiannual innovation plans which are strategically aligned with medium- and long-term corporate objectives.