icono-artica Innovation Plans: R&D&I funding

icono-artica1 Objective:

To identify and manage financial instruments from a variety of sources, mostly public (the European Union, the state and the autonomous communities), used to fund R&D&I business activities.

Planes de innovación | financiacion de proyectos de innovacion

icono-artica2 Services:

  • Comprehensive management of public and private R&D&I business funding programmes for individual and group activities.
  • Assistance with the formation of R&D&I consortia of companies and/or research and technology centres.

Comprehensive financial management of R&D&I activities also includes the following:

  • Planning and documenting R&D&I projects
  • Designing budgets for R&D&I investments and expenses in line with EU legislation, and maximising their amounts under existing regulations.
  • Validating the various public funding options for a given case, and maximising the financial structure of this funding.
  • Classifying the activities involved in identified projects for tax purposes, based on R&D&I definitions contained in Royal Legislative Decree 4/2004 of 5 March, approving the Revised Text of the Corporation Tax Law (TRLIS), and in new Law 27/2014 of 27 November.
  • Identifying R&D&I business projects which meet the objectives of calls for proposals that regulate the use of these financial instruments.
  • Comprehensive management of technical-economic justification for externally funded projects, with the aim of minimising incidents and deviations in these projects and ensuring income while minimising risks.
  • Acting as interlocutors with the public, national and European administrations, defending our clients’ interests and aiming to ensure compliance with the formal requirements established by each call for proposals and/or subsidy programme.

In addition, our financial management and consultancy service includes subsidy alert procedures, support from senior managers with proven experience, backing at follow-up visits and certification from the administration, etc.