icono-artica Who are we?

artica+i is a company which provides professional services in the field of Engineering and Consultancy for R&D&I Management.

With more than 20 years of experience, our mission is to help companies and organisations to transform their ideas into competitive projects, services and products which have a clear market orientation.

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To achieve this, we rely on three distinguishing factors:

icono-artica1 A comprehensive and global method, working from the idea to the market

We have developed a simple and efficient method to optimise our clients’ value chain, working on the idea until the product or service is ready for marketing. In doing this, we integrate three concepts into the value chain: Ideas, Engineering and Innovation.


Our own experienced team to provide multidisciplinary expertise. 

We have a highly qualified, multidisciplinary team of experts with proven experience to ensure that the work is managed and carried out in the best possible way. It is made up of engineers, science graduates, and PhD graduates in a number of specialist subjects, individuals trained in business and economics, and communication professionals.

icono-artica3An ethical business vision.

Our business vision is based on ethical values. We focus on efficiency in our activities, while remaining firmly grounded in enduring principles of reliability, trust and long-term commitment to our clients.

We aim to be a national and international benchmark n the field of engineering and comprehensive consultancy, needed for innovation in companies, with a clear position in the agri-food industry and related sectors, and to offer a unique professional service with high added value based on the talent of our human resources, enabling us to attract new clients who recognise the worth associated with the values and experience of our company.

Our mission is to help organisations and companies to transform their ideas into profitable projects, processes or services by using a working method which optimises the entire process in an effective and efficient way and generates high value for our clients, allowing them to be more competitive.

artica+i is an organisation which bases its corporate strategy on an ethical business vision, and our activities are guided by the values of effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, commitment and trust.

People and clients are at the heart of our values. Our commitment to our clients is geared towards establishing long-lasting ties, meeting their needs and continuously improving our services. This means that recurring customers make up a large proportion of artica’s client.

Client satisfaction requires high-quality service. This is impossible without a highly qualified and motivated group of people, in other words, our team.


We began our journey in 1994 with a strong focus on services in the field of engineering and consultancy for the food industry and related sectors with high standards of hygiene, such as food logistics, health and beauty, and dietetics, among others. In 2005, we began R&D&I project management activities, thanks to the incorporation of highly respected professionals in this field.

Meanwhile, since we began we have been developing complementary services in the fields of technical consultancy, technology and technical economics, as well as turnkey projects in certain areas in which we generate value for our clients, such as energy efficiency.

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